About Ana
Ana Ambika

The right flow

I work with entrepreneurs who want to take their business from ‘existence to elevation’ so they can FLOW and become happier in what they do.

Every successful business need to be in FLOW to be enjoying growth, I believe that constant “HUSTLE HUSTLE” with no strategy or firm planning is the “NO-NO” way to do business right.

How I can help you...

Improve your sales

I help you understand why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy. I help you understand what every successful sales person does before they have spoken to a prospect?

Marketing for growth

I will coach and mentor business owners to understand the merits of an expert marketing mix, rich with business acquisition, retention and conversion strategies.

Start-ups & fundings

I ensure that new business owners understand that they must go through a feasibility study, cash flow forecast, understand the aims and objectives of the business concept and devise a full strategic plan before getting anywhere near implementation.

leadership & management

How much time has your business invested in developing the leadership skills in your business?
I can help to motivate and inspire leadership.

Time Management

I have devised a set of proven tools that assist with time management. I will coach you to use the tools and help you appreciate the importance of working with strategies that are effective for YOU and not anyone else.


I can help you decide whether franchising is right for you and your business, help you prepare for franchising and introduce a sound business model to build you a successful franchise network.

Exit & Succesion

Every business will one day be “transferred”. Succession planning and organising business exit needs time and knowledge. The best way is to start early as possible. The best businesses for fast effective resale are franchises as they build with the asset value at the forefront throughout growth.

Business assessment

I’d love to offer you a Complimentary Business Assessment, it’s a 45 minute telephone meeting designed to help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle and how we can help with Business Growth, Funding Your Next Stage of Success or Selling and Moving On.