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Ana Ambika

About Me

Are you an entrepreneur wanting more time in the day, more sales and less stress out of your business? Great…Hi-Juice help you grow and gain FLOW in your business without the HUSTLE HUSTLE GRIND GRIND.

Hi, My name is Ana, Ambika Pindoria. I’m a business growth mentor and success coach. I work with entrepreneurs who want to take their business from ‘existence to elevation’ so they can FLOW and become happier in what they do. All business need to be in FLOW and grow, the constant HUSTLE HUSTLE with no strategy is NO NO way to do business.

What my clients say

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I recommend Hi-Juice 100% for those looking to start a business or those already in business and need guidance or coaching.
Ana has been brilliant in helping me start my tutoring business and building my confidence along the way, I have complete trust in her, she knows what’s she’s doing and friendly too.

Elizabeth Ojomo