Ambika (Ana) is an exceptional Mentor and Educator

Covering the whole business lifecycle; she has created, set up, run, grown, and sold multiple enterprises for over 25 years. 

Her empathy, hands-on robust expertise and track record for helping others stand out in her qualities an a business mentor not to be ignored.

Her ability to spur on her clients, progressing and evolving them quickly is extraordinary, this is largely due to her insightful experience, hands-on approach to business, the foresight to future plan, and quickly achieve mammoth goals. She holds 25 years of proven business success by running her own enterprises alongside offering business support and educating aspiring entrepreneurs, alongside her lifelong innate passion for tutoring young people.



Ana’s fundamental philosophy of “lifelong learning” keeps her in tune with modern practices, technology, social and economic trends. She holds in depth knowledge of  ‘The 5 pillars of business success’™  with the relevant business infrastructures to build ethical and honest enterprises that will survive to leave a legacy.

She continues to self-develop as she believes that by learning and developing herself more it will enable her to help others and serve at her highest level.  ‘Born to educate’ being her personal motto, she simply loves helping people gain the clarity they need to build a better life, succeed and thrive.

Her professional character, her attention to detail and her diligent nature are to be admired. She is an exceptional business woman communicating intuitively to foster great relationships and collaborate with people to complete projects at a fast rate.

As a devoted mother of two wonderful children and her passion for education, a keen interest in well-being, healthy lifestyle, and as an active runner, yogi, mountain climber it’s incredible to see how she harmoniously encompasses multiple aspects of her life and achieves so much.

Her life has been devoted to service.

She’s the business mentor that really has ‘got the t-shirt’ and understands the emotions behind the highs and lows of creating, running, and growing businesses. Whether this is improving work-life balance, maintaining positive cash-flow, increasing profitability, streamlining for consistent sales, mastering your marketing, empowering your team, perfecting and developing new product lines, or fine-tuning the financials to accommodate future growth Ana will quickly gain a grasp of what you and your business requirements are in order to grow and flourish.

She has herself experienced the pain and feelings behind shutting down or selling on a business. Her advice and expertise would be really helpful to all entrepreneurs looking to grow and learn.

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Business is personal- it grows with you like a part of your family. Take care, nurture and love it. Soon you will merit from the fruit of your labour.