Business Mentoring

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Are you a successful business owner and want to go to the next stage of growth?

Improve your sales

So … what drives customers to buy?

I help you understand why and when buyers actually make decisions to buy.

I help you understand what every successful sales person does before they have spoken to a prospect?

Working on specific listening skills could give you a huge advantage in closing sales.

The language you use during your sales pitch has an impact on conversion. How do you transition to a close successfully?

Gain specific listening skills which will give you a huge advantage in making the sale.Discover how the language you use during your sales pitch has a dramatic impact on conversion, and what language is proven to work.

Marketing for growth

You may have met many marketing consultants during your business journey. I like to emphasise on coaching you to find the marketing and advertising that works for YOU and getting the best from your 12 month marketing activity planner which will generate new business. I will coach and mentor business owners to understand the merits of an expert marketing mix, rich with business acquisition, retention and conversion strategies.

I will help you to:

  • Appreciate the cost and benefits of acquisition, retention and conversion marketing.
  • Coach you to create effective marketing plans.
  • Analyse and calculate cost per leads.
  • Coach you to create relevant marketing goals.
  • Explore an effective marketing mix for YOUR market sector.
  • Help you confidently measure your results.


Marketing can be frustrating as it’s easy to end up far away from where you started. We coach and mentor business owners with the expertise and direction to eliminate money wasting ad hoc, too generic and un-targeted bland marketing campaigns, and to start having the clarity of a strategy and a targeted plan to follow. We begin with the end in mind. I show you ways of making sure your marketing works, by avoiding the pitfalls and focus on key benefits.

Start-ups & fundings

All business owners who are starting from concept stage or even early stages from initial trading will need intense support to get their business up and running.

The initial stages are extremely important and one of the common business planning flaws would be to go from concept directly to implementation stage.

The feasibility study would include market research, business costs, price brackets, demand analysis,
competitor analysis, consumer appetite and customer profiling.

I ensure that new business owners understand that they must go through a feasibility study, cash flow forecast, understand the aims and objectives of the business concept and devise a full strategic plan before getting anywhere near implementation. This is the only and best way to ensure new entrepreneurs minimise wastage and maximise their ability to get to break-even point and profitability as quickly as possible.

The Hi-Juice 5 stages for support for start-ups™

leadership & management

As a business owner have you calculated how much time and money have you spent on your own development and training. Have you been so bogged down with the operations and management that learning and professional development has been left behind?

How much time has your business invested in developing the leadership skills in your business?

I can help to motivate and inspire leadership by:-

  • Empowering leaders with communication within their teams
  • Encompass and inject fun to raise team spirit
  • Growth Mentors can help to identify the leaders core strengths which make them powerful
  • Setting goals to drive success
  • Creating powerful plans
  • Introduce strategies to monitor their progress

Time Management

The great dividing line between success and failure can be expressed in five words: “I did not have time.”

– Franklin Field.

Time management is about managing yourself. It’s about making a commitment to be more organised, maintain your focus and use your time to your best advantage.

Perhaps the first steps in managing your time effectively is to work out what’s important in your business and what you want from it. An understanding of your goals will assist you to set clear priorities and gain clarity to project achievable plans.

I have devised a set of proven tools that assist with time management. I will coach you to use the tools and help you appreciate the importance of working with strategies that are effective for YOU and not anyone else.

I believe time management is about finding the tool and strategy that gets the job done in an uncomplicated way.

I effectively coach you through a 5 step process:

  • Plan
  • List
  • Communicate
  • Prioritise
  • Action


Franchising embodies our core values of building team and having fun doing it. Franchising your business can be a fun, strategic and an accelerated route to building a national network and reducing the required management infrastructure, time and capital investment of a company owned expansion.

The franchise model is used in more businesses than you think and can offer both the franchisor and the franchisee great growth potential and longevity in business.

Franchising has its strengths and weaknesses as it means that control is shared throughout the fast growing network.

I can help you decide whether franchising is right for you and your business, help you prepare for franchising and introduce a sound business model to build you a successful franchise network. A franchise expansion is best executed when a business is established, profitable and looking for regional, national or international expansion.

Exit & Succesion

Your business will need to grow and change. Every business will someday need to ‘change hands’. When will your business need to be handed over, reassigned, sold-on or even globally relocated? What are your thinking and doing about this?

Every business will one day be “transferred”. Succession planning and organising business exit needs time and knowledge. The best way is to start early as possible. The best businesses for fast effective resale are franchises as they build with the asset value at the forefront throughout growth.

Not only do I have the expertise to turn a business around heading towards growth we are also able to coach and mentor business owners on their exit strategies, how to leverage deals and maximise shareholder value.

Business assessment

Sometimes we just need a push in the right direction to focus on the right things to take our businesses in the right direction.

That’s why I am offering a free business Assessment for ambitious business owners like you to see where you can improve your business and thrive.

I’d love to offer you a Complimentary Business Assessment, it’s a 45 minute telephone meeting designed to help you understand where you are in the business lifecycle and how we can help with Business Growth, Funding Your Next Stage of Success or Selling and Moving On.

I will meet you face to face to carry out your business assessment and discuss how we will help.

Arrange a consultation